Friday, September 12, 2008

My (third) attempt at blogging

Attempt one: travel blog (4posts)
Attempt two: random ranting (3posts)
Attempt three: food

I think I figured out the problem. See attempt one was too specific, plus uninteresting, because who really wants to read about someone else traveling while they're sitting at work? And when you stop traveling and get a real job, it's hard to keep blogging.

Attempt two was too general. And I'm not that funny.

Attempt three should be more successful because:
1. I eat everyday.
2. I cook most days.
3. It seems 90 percent of my memories have been made in a kitchen.

So here goes...

1 comment:

johanna said...

hi, kate! aunt joh here--can i get a look at your second blog. i would love the opportunity to cyberpick your brain. would also be interested in seeing the latest additions to the travel blog. love this food blog, esp with the pictures! potato soup does indeed seem a fitting way to end the summer and ring in the fall.