Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun with Stats

I was flipping through my StatCounter information today, and I came across some pretty hilarious stuff in there with the stats. For example, recent keyword activity (in other words, my blog came up in a search when someone entered these search terms) includes: home made pepper spray, cooking with pepper spray, cooks in the kitchen story, and--my personal favorite--"peppermint extract to stop cat spraying?"

First of all, I don't recommend cooking with pepper spray or making it at home, from my personal experiences. Second, what is this story about cooks in a kitchen? And finally, what are you people doing to your cats?!

I was pleased to see however that there were quite a few people looking for a kibbeh nayeh recipe that might have found some guidance from blog. However, the person looking for the "balsamic reduction for desert" is probably not going to have much luck. I never met a Bedouin who stocked balsamic vinegar. (If you didn't get the last joke, desert as in Sahara, not dessert as in chocolate cake. Also, it was a bad joke.)

I also found out that one of my best friends, MK, has been lurking in the blogosphere with a cute little blog about her life. My picture was even on this blog, and I didn't know about it! But she slipped up in her covert actions when she linked to my blog on her blog, because someone (actually several someones) clicked that little link, and so her blog showed up in my "recently came from" statistics. Caught ya!

I am going to have to start looking through these statistics more often.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOOOVE me some statcounter. Totally addicted to it. And I saw that MK and Joe blog too. too cute! :)
LMBO @ cat spray. Nice!