Monday, November 10, 2008

Top 5: Favorite Foods My Mom Cooks

I have been a little lazy in posting lately, but I swear I have an excuse! The wireless Internet connection we were "borrowing" from some friendly, unknown neighbor seems to have bid us adieu. It happened right around the time of the election so I'm guessing that the friendly neighbor is the one who worked for the campaign that did not win the election. What is the opposite saying of "every cloud has a silver lining?"

I have at least two good meals and a bread to post, but since I am not at my home computer because of the Internet problem, I have no pictures. So for now, this will have to hold you over...

My Top 5 Favorite Foods My Mom Cooks
1. Linguini w/ clam sauce (that's one of the meals I have ready to post!)
2. Pork chops with tomato sauce sauerkraut
3. Easter bread
4. Veal stew
5. Corned beef and cabbage (why does my Italian mother make this so well? I have no idea.)

Share your Mom's best bites in the comments.


muddywaters said...

My Top Five for my mother:

1. Chicken and noodles ladled over mashed potatoes

2. Fried Chicken

3. Cinnamon Rolls

4. Fried chicken gizzards

5. Ham and Beans

Kate said...

Do you have that cinnamon roll recipe? I would love to see it on your blog sometime. I tried cinnamon rolls 3 times with inedible results every time.

Taylor Robinson said...

1. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans

2. Applesauce bread

3. Green chile enchiladas

4. Lemon chicken

5. Pecan tarts/pie